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Widgets To Make Life Different

Integrated smart home system emphasizes interaction between subsystems, but cumbersome, and expensive. So, without a budget or a family has completed the decoration, can also enjoy the convenience of smart home here or not? only remote operation of this function, the reporter found that some can be applied topically, not high-priced smart device has been quietly popular. Use them, common household appliances like intelligent upgrade is complete.

1. shell eggs Air Purifier

By mobile phone APP can understand long historical pollution, breathing clean air, clean up the air, power consumption, remote switches.

2. the intelligent charging of IKEA furniture

Brush your circle of friends, watching movies, mobile, iPad and other electronic device consumes extremely fast. You cannot recharge it also worries? intelligent furniture for IKEA to launch, you can charge the phone allows you to conveniently. The entire process takes place the device at a designated location to complete the furniture. Such reform will be launched in China.

3. smart boxes

Brand launch of this product, appliance plug directly into the socket on the original connection and download mobile APP, under WiFi at home, they can realize remote switch control for home appliances. Turns on the air conditioner, water heater working ahead, before going home. If installing an infrared controller can implement careful control of electrical appliances. For example, regulating air temperature, replacement TV remote controls and so on.

Tip: each needs to be remote controlled electrical appliances should have a box and a controller. Controller functions can only be achieved at close range, such as within the premises. In addition, if the appliance has a computer chip, after turning the power on or manually select the features you need, then the box cannot be used.

4. smart Sockets

Smart outlet is by far the more common products, whose important function is to implement remote control electrical switch or timer switch. Haier, midea and others have similar products. Using the same method as described above the box, you can implement features vary depending on the brand. For example, some Sockets in addition to remote control, the power measurement can be completed. Connected with the lamp, you can also control the illumination.

5. intelligent burglar alarm system

Away from home, fear lax portal. With intelligent anti-theft system, you can use your mobile device in real-time monitoring. At present part of the brand's intelligent anti-theft system with gateway hosts, you can control dozens of items. For example, induction, induction of human activities, can talk to host joint induction, such as automatic reminders set for induction into the human body, you will be sympathetic to people at your preset time period, pushed on to your mobile phone, with as anti-theft. Water can be placed at the fish tank, shower, touch-sensing, as long as the water touches the suite of flooding alerts are launched.

6. intelligent audio lighting

Both LED lights and can be used as an audio, the available Bluetooth mobile APP and control, according to scenarios, select your favorite music and illumination. Wireless design, it is more convenient to use.