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Touch Sensitive Table Lamp The Professional Service Of Touch Desk Lamp Is Well Received By Customers

Touch Sensitive Table Lamp Touch lamp to seize China's reform and opening up and rapid development in electronics industry brought historic opportunity, adhere to the customer as the center, reliable products as the guidance, to provide customers with one-stop sourcing components and solution of service, won the customer respect and trust. From a foothold in shenzhen huaqiang north of entrepreneurial companies, grow steadily, agent of several well-known brand product line, customers all over the world many countries and regions in electronic components of the pathway and solution provider.

As a leading electronics and wireless applications/touch solution provider, touch lamp to provide competitive products and technology innovation, to help customers succeed in the field of wireless smart application. We adhere to the professional and focused on product strategy, in wireless products and Internet of things, touch, and smart consumer electronics, biology, medical equipment and other areas continue to import the products and solutions. Innovation based on customer demand and leading-edge technology enables the company to remain at the forefront of the industry and to promote and support product innovation and company development.

Touch Sensitive Table Lamp We firmly believe that: the future society is a interconnected society, for the customer, for the society, provide more intelligent, convenient and reliable products, is the first value of our existence, we will work on!

We adhere to the principle of good faith management and win-win cooperation, and provide the following products and services for our customers:

Touch Sensitive Table Lamp Component supply, design assistance and technical support of wireless products;

Contact chip and plan development, peripheral components supply;

The development of the product of intelligent household (lighting, switch, and security);

Electronic components one-stop shopping (including global purchase and distribution)

Touch lamp focuses on the development, design, production, maintenance, sales and system integration of CTP products. The product range from 0.66 to 10.1 inch GG, GFF, GF structure and 7-inch to 32-inch GG structure. It can be designed for USB, I2C interface, and can be customized to customize various kinds of outboard. Founded in April 2016, the company is rapidly emerging in the field of touch screen industry and technology with its professional level and mature technology.

Touch Sensitive Table Lamp Company has the strong independent design and development capability, the company with sharp eyes and unremitting enterprising spirit, the spirit of "work seriously, good faith" principle, with the leading technology, personalized design and perfect service, touch lamp actively promotes touch screen applications in various industries, to provide customers with diversified solutions to meet customers' various custom requirements. The company's products have been applied to various industries, including finance, communication, education, government agencies, taxation, industry and commerce, enterprises and institutions, large foreign enterprises, such as transportation, high quality products, professional service obtained the general customers the consistent high praise.

Touch Sensitive Table Lamp The company all production processes have strict quality control, including product trial production, production finalize the design, production process quality control, test, test, inspection, packing, delivery, etc. The whole process of quality control procedures. Factory from raw materials into the factory inspection, to each workstation, to the finished product testing have established strict quality system, the final products before leaving the factory pass strict performance and environmental testing, filling...

Touch Sensitive Table Lamp Touch desk lamp, the principle is the inside installs electronic touch type IC and the electrode piece of the lamp touch to form a control circuit. When the body touch to the induction of electrodes, touch signal pulsating direct current generated by a pulse signal transmitted touch-sensitive side, then touch sensitive side will issue a trigger pulse signal, can control the lights; Such as touch again, will be generated by the pulsating dc borrowed a touch signal pulse signal transmitted touch-sensitive, touch-sensitive end at this time will stop a trigger pulse signals, when the alternating current through the zero, lights out naturally. But sometimes a power failure or unstable voltage will also be on its own, and a sensitive piece of paper or cloth can be controlled if it is sensitive to reception.