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Table Lamp The Lamp Continues To Add Color To The LED Lighting Industry

Table Lamp The lamp is a company that specializes in the research and development, design, sales, production, installation and after-sale service of LED outdoor lighting project. The main products of the company are LED floor tile lamp, wall lamp, patch lamp belt, light lamp, guardrail, light source and buried lamp. The company was founded in 2012, the lamp company was established and the products have been spread all over the world, and have won the love and support of the customers. Have a skilled product development team, the company with excellent service quality, professional technical strength, the desk lamp to provide higher quality products! The future we will continue to uphold the "innovation, quality create brand" principle, take "the good faith, responsible, innovative, team" as a constant pursuit and target, continue to shine up to LED lighting industry add, do a qualified with lighting enterprise social responsibility.

Table LampDesk lamp the household works - Flank puppy dog wooden desk lamp, is from Thailand in the small house design brand Pana advantages Objects company design, functional, artistic quality and interest sex of household lighting lamps and lanterns, the desk lamp of this nifty modelling, clean lines, simple shapes and natural material, will like the dog bark bark into modern life, ease the pressure on our home or office.

The lighting lamp is the theme of the Bloom art lamp, which is inspired by the opening of natural flowers, the design of the petals, and the powder roasting process. Lights off is closed bud, when started in the middle with the hand, will slowly, into the chimney of white lotus blooming, intermediate use LED light source, will the lampshade with light and shadow foil more glittering and translucent beautiful like flower.

Table Lamp No will is what kind of lamp switch, Mathmos Airswitch Azumi is designer to design the air induction lamp series, metal base design, use mouth blown glass lamp shade, as long as you with the hand level across above the chimney, lamp can light up automatically, like magic, magic.

Table Lamp Imagine a cloud in the sky, and now you can have a dream like a poem.

Like the long-lost bonfire, the LED lights have a unique design, inspired by a bonfire at night. The golden flame type glass lamp shade, the base is the wood of the cross, the modelling of a little cartoon looks very love. Lighting the LED light bulbs, as if a bonfire is burning, sit around the creative lamp, creating a sense of romance. You can't always get a campfire in the wild, but you can feel the atmosphere and the fun at home