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Smart Home Widget Can Change Your Life

Recently, midea, Haier's home appliance Giants have joined the intelligent home field, smart home once again into a hot word. But the reporter to interview senior designers found, expensive and complex overall layout, make the owners of its acceptance is not high at all. All brands of smart home products of small products, easy to install, but also to a certain extent, improve the quality of life.

System arrangement of high cold burn

On the smart home sounds very tall, but many consumers whose definition does not understand. Electronic control Guo Weijun was a professor at the Beijing University of technology, Beijing times reporters, smart home system can be called a digital home system, it used the Internet, Internet of things, computers and multimedia, technology, equipment, home and living on the family environment and integrated management. Realization means that access to relevant technology, domestic electrical equipment connected, form residential gateway Setup and control of the child devices, integrated into a single operating system. User can be completed in one operation on the interface of selected home appliances control and remote operation can be realized. East easy day Sheng designer Wei Xiaofei said, simple to said, smart home is can will home in the of various equipment, as sound video equipment, and lighting system, and curtains control, and air conditioning control, and security system, and digital theater system, and network appliances, and FRID technology, and identity recognition system and three table CC, through family network connection to together, user can with more shortcut of way to management family equipment, like, through iPad or iPod, and wireless remote control device, and phone, and Internet or voice recognition control household equipment, Scene control can be performed to enable multiple device interaction, on the smart home devices can communicate with each other within, do not require the user to run interactive command depending on the State, thereby giving users maximum efficiency, convenience, comfort and safety.