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Smart Home Technology Products Inventory

Ninja Sphere is a new generation of intelligent home of open source solutions, it not only very eye-catching designs, has very strong wind in all possibilities and functions are also very comprehensive, able to sense the environment, testing, managing devices in the home.

Ninja Sphere can detect temperature, light intensity and environmental equipment energy use in the home. Sphere already supports quite a number of devices, such as Philips, Hue, Dropcam, Wemo socket. In addition, the Ninja Sphere indoor positioning capabilities, through at least 3 position signals from the tags to determine, intruders, the exact location of pets at home, and a wallet, keys, phone, Tablet, laptop, help users find articles. In addition, the Ninja Sphere can also be manipulated with a mobile App, support the Pebble smart watches, to set aside a gestural interface, users through mobile phones, wearable device and gesture control devices in three ways.

In fact, the main equipment of the intelligent home control center there are many, but Ninja Sphere a unique idea is to operate without requiring users to spend extra time, just by normal walking, getting up at home, watching television, can invoke Ninja Sphere functions, smart home products and meet its due role. While other similar products requires the user to open the phone, and continuously in the App's settings, or item-by-item operation through voices and gestures, looks complicated, and unable to reach Ninja Sphere this could be done through the ordinary actions of daily life to control levels.