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Smart Home 2015 Will Become The Industry Key To Accelerating Development

In 2014, ushered in the year of rapid development of intelligent home. This year, on the product, smart homes start from one war into era of interoperability; on the layout, building throughout the year, the main theme of the platform. After a year of development and accumulation, 2015 is critical period of development of intelligent household industry, from strategic to tactical, from the layout to the competition, industry or has been established.

From 2014 the platform support for developers, U+ provides a one-stop service for developers in the country, in addition to providing a 320 million Development Fund for smart home, financial support, but also TU man and technology including smart home business team together to build first open laboratory of intelligent home, provide developers with product testing and development needs, such as lab equipment and conditions. For the landing of products, U+ through online and offline resources, through cooperation with the strategy of Jingdong raised deep, building dozens of online U+ House of knowledge, through u + certified developer product channels using the U+ Joint brand promotion. This package provides developers with a solution equivalent to form a process hatch mechanism, in other platforms is hard to all see.

There is no doubt, hatch U+ this comprehensive approach will be in 2015, into a model for other platforms are copied, but it is hard to change, that is the aggregation effect developers. As more and more TU man such an outstanding entrepreneurial team to join the U+ platform, will be attractive to other developers. So might formed developers increasingly focused on a platform. In the case of U+ was ahead of 2014 with other slow half the appeal of platforms how to quickly refine the developer, became a key to determine survival of the fittest.