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"Refurbished" Intelligent Home Field Or Becoming The Next Science Events

On November 4, according to foreign media reports, many smart home systems available, most require a "forklift upgrade (fork-lift upgrade)" means that the user, in order to gain the benefits of new technologies must be replacing older hardware with new equipment.

To launch Google's brand of intelligent home Nest Protect smoke alarm, for example. This is a simple device, remote control via mobile devices, but to achieve this functionality, you must use its fully replace the original smoke alarms.

Now, a new generation of intelligent home products entering the market, consumers ' existing equipment can be transformed into smart home devices.

Roost smart batteries are examples of this type of smart home products. The product was launched a week ago, is a Wi-Fi-enabled battery, any vintage that uses 9-volt battery can be transformed into a smart smoke alarms smoke detectors. Its use over a period of 5 years, is priced at $ 25 to $ 35, depending on how much battery chip. Development team of the smart battery, who helped develop one of the first low-power Wi-Fi chips.

Change your smoke alarm batteries as soon as possible. You can also try the Leeo intelligent Nightlight when smoke or carbon monoxide alarm in your home, which alert information will be sent to your mobile phone, so far in the field you find, and then call a fire line, minimizing losses.

Whether there is a similar product that locks? if you want to keep the locks intelligently, you might consider August and Danalock launch of a new generation of intelligent door lock, which can be used in conjunction with your existing door locking system, making it into a Bluetooth-enabled smart card lock.

If you don't want to throw away those years ago spent $ 20 to buy LED bulbs, you can try Emberlight smart bulb holder, it can make your existing light bulb becomes intelligent.

Products like this are many.

You might ask, why not just throw out the old equipment and replace new one? first of all, it was a waste. Secondly, if we all throw away existing devices such as smoke alarms, electronic waste fills the landfill.

But perhaps more important is that existing devices into intelligent devices easier. Replace the battery on the device than replacement of a full range of smoke alarms or thermostat is much simpler, the former simply turn back screws and wire connections.

In 2015, the refurbished existing old devices into smart home devices, could become a new trend.