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Intelligent Household Industry, Or Eruptive Period

Smart home is not a new concept, early in the last century, many popular science articles for us intelligent regulation room temperature, lighting and other beautiful scenes. However, after decades of up at the smart home, due to the cost and accessibility issues, most people are still stuck in the "heard of seen" stage. In this case, which change with the arrival of the mobile Internet.

Entered in 2015, it is the greatest feeling is, many "cloud" concept products, cloud and rain, industrial floor. In recently of Las Vegas consumption electronic exhibition Shang, Shenzhen near 470 home of exhibition enterprise to global show has currently listed of intelligent Terminal, concentrated application in family in the of scene: to display for Center, intelligent TV, and remote monitoring, and education, and medical, and communications interconnected technology thaw for one; family entertainment achieved more screen shared, high sound music, and body sense game, and human-computer interaction, mainly; doctor, and class, and view traffic status are can achieved homes. These smart home experience, simply install a phone or Tablet APP application can achieve.

Qualcomm Vice President James Shen: "smart after the development of the mobile industry in the past few years, while still hot, innovations, but its development has clearly been imminent smart hardware (domestic) market is replaced by mobile phones in the future is more of a controller in this platform. "There is no doubt that for the general public is concerned, intelligent appliances will become new consumer prying force.