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Events Climaxed, Second Wave Hits Now!

Feedback in this event there are many friends I have some questions about this event, we are online to answer these issues one by one. Now we have picked out a few representative issues released. If you have any questions, can also consult us, our contact information will be displayed at the bottom of this article.

Micro letter groups and QQ groups can only choose one forwarding activity information?

Simultaneously in both groups, dissemination of information, we have no maximum number is forwarded to you, as long as this group standard for forwarding information, and are not in the same group of re-posting information qualifies as integral.

2. how a real-time view of integral

Activity credits are earned by our staff of statistical background monitoring of real-time data, so we cannot achieve real-time data query. But all the friends you can consult our staff understand your points.

Passion in order to repay you and friends to attend the event, starting from today, we micro-Mall and micro-site scored 85 percent of goods.

Little friends! Want to buy as soon as possible! Yao Yao-Dah!

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