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A Nationwide "crackdown" Launched LED Lighting "fake" Nowhere To Escape

April 9, circular of the released 2015 national combat violations intellectual property and selling fake merchandise work points (following referred to "work points") notification requirements, 2015 implementation State related work deployment, in-depth advance regulations and system construction, law strengthened market regulatory and concentrated regulation, sound administrative law enforcement and criminal judicial convergence mechanism, widely carried out propaganda education, building social total rule pattern, create fair competition, and assured consumption of market environment.

Acts of infringement against unscrupulous businesses, the State has issued a new policy, started legal proceedings, acts of unfair competition and infringement crackdown on fake and shoddy, and investigate the relevant legal obligations on individuals and companies. For the LED lighting industry, and this is an opportunity but also a challenge.

LED lighting market now "Pears" littered with fake and shoddy goods, high profits and low cost of LED lighting, contributing to a lot of "cashing" bad businessmen, many LED companies holding up a "fake" flags to catch counterfeit manufacturers, but tend to be "wild fire, again with the spring breeze", and will conversely be business LED to exhaustion.

But industry officials say, LED industry fakes repeated because: 1, business profits; 2, few consumers have the demand; 3, project procurement officers are using their position for wrongful interest; 4, manufacturing technology and crime costs are comparatively low; 5/Department "one eye closed and one eye open" phenomenon.

It is understood that the LED lighting industry at present each product to pay registration fees of up to more than 1000 Yuan, with more than more than 1600 patents, registration of new products each year for LED lighting, each year to spend heavily on their intellectual property. Objective is to ensure that every new arrivals can eventually become enduring best seller products.