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What is a Car Air Purifier Ionizer

An air purifier ionizer is a relatively a device that is intended to purify the air, instead of using fans or filters, the air ionizer creates ions which remove microscopic particles from the air.


An air purifier ionizer (or negative ion generator) is a device that uses high voltage to create negative ions using electricity. The ions flood high enough concentration in the room and seek out positively charged particles, such as dust, dander, bacteria, pollen, mold, smoke, chemical vapors, and many other allergens. . This causes the floating particles to become heavy, larger pieces of dirt and drop on the ground where they can be cleaned by normal means.


There are two major type of air purifier: fanless type air purifier and fan-based type air purifier. Fanless air purifier ionizers are noiseless and use little power, but are less efficient at air purification. Fan-based air purifier ionizers clean and distribute air much faster. Permanently mounted industrial air ionizer purifiers are called electrostatic precipitators.


Indoor air pollution remains a serious problem as our buildings’ insulation interferes with atmospheric air circulation, so an air purifier ionizer seeks to compensate for this disequilibrium. Dust and mold collects inside heating and air conditioning ducts. Higher humidity inside allows bacteria to thrive. An air purifier ionizer addresses these home and office sources of pollution and odor.