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Smart Home trend analysis

From the smart home concept in China more than 10 years ago, to present exhibitions, shopping malls, advertising can be seen everywhere in the smart home figure; along the way, intelligent household industry experienced wind and rain, intelligent household industry's founders have more than we feel.

"Compared with the average residential, intelligent community has incomparable advantages. Intelligent of community of households can in any place through computer or phone to remote control appliances, monitoring residential situation, as indicates washing machine work; view refrigerator in the food storage situation; monitored home whether was broke into; home didn't when heating automatically adjustable low; appeared emergency situation also will automatically alarm; households also can homes, on can completed all trivia...... "intelligent home industry experts Wang Hui such pointed out that.

But there are experts on the current situation of intelligent House held a negative attitude, says smart home out Volkswagen, developers in order to improve the project selling point often raised unlimited real estate performance and system performance, seems to be intelligent and always luxurious, highly paid white-collar workers and intellectuals get together of the living environment. This is not a comprehensive, very utilitarian commercial hype. "All the comments run counter to the idea of smart homes will enter homes, smart home in an awkward position.

Intelligent household industry includes both intelligent control for high-end villas, mansions, including information construction and management of intelligent community. On January 26, 2011, the Executive meeting of the State Council launched a "new country eight" real estate market regulation measures. Strict land supply for housing management, implementation of affordable housing, shanty houses and small and medium sized unit type ordinary commodity housing land not less than 70% of the total land supply for housing construction requirements. This intelligent household industry provide development space in the new housing project, also for smart home into more of a family has laid a solid foundation.