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Smart Home technology and development trend

Family integrated distribution system is an important foundation of the home automation control system, especially now that intelligence is rapidly developing. Intelligent family integrated wiring of concept: intelligent home (Smart Home) of concept first appeared Yu United States, it General refers to will family in the various and information related of communications equipment, and household appliances and family security device, through family bus technology connection to a family intelligent of system (that family controller) Shang, to achieved monitored, and control and family transactional management, and keep these family facilities and residential environment of harmony and coordination.

Functions of intelligent home systems

Producers of household equipment; electric meter, water meter and gas meter data acquisition and transmission; air conditioning monitoring and modulation; lighting monitoring and modulation; family safety features:-and fire-proof gas (flammable gas) leakage, security intercom, burglar alarm, emergency call;

Integrated smart home wiring system was first produced in United States and then spread to Europe and Japan and other developed countries. In the United States, smart home already occupies a relatively large proportion of families, some famous manufacturers such as IBM have such products. In China, along with economic development, people's pursuit of quality of life are increasingly high, Shenzhen Donghai garden, Genesis, Binhai garden, Beijing modern city district are equipped with the intelligent system. Future smart home systems will have a broad space for development.