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Smart Home era will be popular

The "intelligent home" it is seen by many as a dream. As more big companies aim at this vast market of smart home smart products designed smarter, as if reading science fiction.

China intelligent household industry, arose in the late 90 's, 2000 the intelligent home in China's concept of a year, a considerable number of residents through radio, television, newspapers, magazines and other media publicity, has accepted the concept of a smart home.

After four years of research and development and experimental application in 2004, intelligent home in China to promote. If you are a careful person or you are ready to purchase the housing industry, will find many of the current emerging real estate advertising, the selling point is not prominent and strategic location, beautiful environment, and so on, "smart community", the "intelligent home" becomes the focus of what they term, advances in technology make home automation is becoming a reality.

Smart home and intelligent House, when all kinds of household appliances in the smart home gateway family through the family bus when connected together to form a powerful, highly intelligent and modern intelligent home systems.

Looking to the next two years, China will fully popularize smart home network systems and products, smart home is no longer a dream in the heart of the people, he started with a very friendly attitude into the homes of ordinary residents.