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Smart home energy-saving and low-carbon energy-saving effect

Energy consumption can be divided into several aspects of the family, a lighting, the second is cooling or heating, three is the standby energy consumption has always been neglected. General family, lamps tend to be running at full capacity, after all, turn on the light, will be in accordance with the power voltage in operation. And the use of intelligent home, sensors monitor the indoor brightness, lamp power can be adjusted according to natural light, natural effect of energy-saving effect. If the adoption of LED intelligent lighting, saving more, again on the next floor. Winter summer season of when, air conditioning or is other of refrigeration business hot equipment are is essential of, using intelligent home, will can according to indoor of temperature and humidity degrees situation, automatically adjustment its work mode, addition, also can for special of set, like night of when, to has morning, automatically close air conditioning, makes user not was cold, until dawn of when, again open air conditioning, prevent because Sun rises, outdoor temperatures rose, caused bedroom within temperature increased.

1, first of all, of course, is the application of energy-saving products

1) heating, ventilation and air conditioning, this energy consumption accounts for nearly half of overall construction, new energy-saving technologies are mainly ground-source heat pump air conditioning system, inverter air conditioning.

2) lighting, high luminous efficiency in recent years LED lighting technology has greatly improved the traditional lighting fixtures for a waste of energy.

3), refrigerators, audio visual equipment, standby power consumption, which is the invisible energy of the most easily overlooked killer, standby power energy waste numbers startling.

2, the use of new insulation products such as outdoor shade

As mentioned earlier, effective insulation greatly reduces indoor air conditioning and heating equipment, the workload, so as to achieve the goal of energy saving, especially for larger Windows and doors light transmission.

3, the awareness of energy conservation in the home life is important

1) turn off the heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and other energy-hungry equipment in a timely manner.

2) promptly closed, doors and curtains.

3) promptly cut off power to the device, in case of loss of standby energy consumption and so on.