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Sensing smart home shine Germany technology exhibition CeBIT2014

Smart home in a safe, comfortable, convenient, green, home industry trends, popular and loved. The exhibition, smart home products on display are not only intelligent hardware products kitchen, smart buildings, smart gateways, outlets and switches, and application software products home automation App. Germany intelligence company intelligent kitchen Kochbot design system has aroused wide concern. The system via a universal remote console technology (OpenURC) to control the induction cooker, cooker hood and the tap, human interaction with the kitchen. Another smart home from China enterprises sensor technology is also quite notable, the company launched the App application software, used to control mobile devices such as mobile phones, flat-panel computer housing switches, light, temperature and humidity, and residential interiors can be implemented through the finger 360 degree real-time monitoring.

Smart home concept in the country also hotly sought after. Intelligent Home brand enterprise real joint sensing as global leading of real networking equipment and solution programme provides business, based on company strong of technology reserves advantage continued innovation, in real networking sensor, and controller, and mobile real networking and cloud computing, several big field determine has industry leading status; Baidu in launched small degrees WiFi, and small degrees routing, hardware products Hou, again through Baidu shadow rod into intelligent hardware field; Beijing East investment of oriented intelligent home field of products Broadlink series has official launched and online sales ; Millet in intelligent phone outside, to through millet routing build a intelligent home entrance, plans and other brand of intelligent home equipment formed a housing within of intelligent equipment closed ring chain; following Haier, and CHANGHONG Hou, appliances giant beauty of Group also in recently released new of intelligent home strategy plans, face intelligent home market ready stay sent; communications giant Huawei in Expo Shang revealed has and SAP company next of cooperation plans, both to help China, and Middle East, and European, and Major cities in Africa and other emerging markets Government and public institution-building "smarter cities".