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---In smart home energy efficiency

First energy conservation: in our daily life, there are often lots of unconscious energy waste. Through centralized control and management of intelligent home can reasonably control the work of various types of household appliances and equipment, natural to a certain extent, effective management of energy, electrical equipment needed to do the job, so that you can eliminate a lot of unconscious energy waste. The simple features such as light sensor control: people come to light, people go lamp; such as the dimming control function: in accordance with the need to adjust the brightness of lights, achieve energy-saving lighting, and temperature and humidity control functions: depending on the indoor temperature and humidity automatic adjustment; ... Smart home through these centralized control, and accordingly to save energy.

Second is in the area of environmental protection: over the years, because of pollution caused by family life do not cause the public's attention. According to statistics a family lived on average 1.28 kg of carbon dioxide, a three-person life will produce about 200 kg of waste water, emission of 20 grams of chemical supplies. (Light bulb is broken, for example, throw, dental equipment was broken, it threw, causing pollution to soil, ecological environment). Smart home main experience in environmental protection in the garbage and waste water treatment and recycling issues, both at home and abroad there are many green real estate developers have done a lot of work, is associated with the smart home automation and information intelligent processing and recycling trash waste water system.